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OpenAM – It can be your RADIUS server too

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Mark Boyd, Software Engineer, Web Access Management Team, LDS Church
OpenAM has long been able to delegate to a backing RADIUS server for authenticating users via its openam-auth-radius authentication module. It can now be a RADIUS server as well. The support of a RADIUS server will leverage authentication chains allowing suitably designed authentication modules to be leveraged by RADIUS clients enabling variation in the authentication experience. We’ll cover the RADIUS server support that will debut in OpenAM version 13, discuss its architecture, how to configure it, and what criteria it places on modules that wish to be used by it. Along the way, we will demonstrate its use with username and password authentication, and then add multi-factor authentication to the client by adding an additional authentication step requesting a One Time Passcode sent to the user by an SMS text message to their mobile phone. See you there.

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