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“All-in-one” access management solution that includes Authentication, SSO, Authorization, Federation, Entitlements and Web Services Security.

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REST & LDAP Directory, including a high performance, highly available, secure directory server, built-in data replication, client tools, and an LDAP SDK.

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Centralized, simple management and synchronization of identity for user, devices and things. High flexibility to fit almost any use case and workflow.

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High-performance reverse proxy with specialized session management and credential replay functionality. The goal of the OpenIG community is to extend both federated and traditional single sign-on to all web applications.


The Open Identity Connectors Framework and Toolkit is built to help drive development of Connectors. Connectors provide a consistent generic layer between applications and target resources.


OpenUMA aims to add support for User-Managed Access (UMA), a protocol that enables an individual to control the authorization of data sharing and service access made by others.


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