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The Open Identity Gateway is a high-performance reverse proxy server with specialized session management and credential replay functionality. Feature overview.

OpenIG works together with OpenAM to integrate Web applications without the need to modify the target application or the container that it runs in. Read more.

Practical bits


Unstable Nightly Builds
Stable Enterprise Builds

Note that the nightly build is work in progress.

Source code

OpenIG is open source. You can check out the source code here.

The code is licensed under CDDL.

Official project repository
Our GitHub Mirror
Our Jenkins server

Get involved!

Play with it and let us know how it’s working for you: blog about it, write an article on our wiki or post on our mailing list.

Contribute to the development of OpenIG by checking out the source code, add to our issue tracker or comment on our documentation.


OpenIG feature overview

Extends secure access to mobile, cloud, and legacy enterprise applications.

As an OAuth 2.0 client or OpenID Connect relying party, OpenIG can also help you to integrate existing applications or to quickly build new applications that integrate with OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect identity providers.

Allows organizations to provide secure access to applications and API services, without modifying them, for additional revenue opportunities.

Reduces the complexity of enabling federation by wrapping an OpenAM Fedlet, which you can configure without knowing SAML 2.0.

No existing application change or rewrite required to access legacy applications.

Integrates into your existing web access management solution and enables security for legacy applications and APIs.

Helps to control the proliferation of passwords and ensures consistent secure access across multiple sites.

Allows for access to code, community discussions and participation, and transparent roadmap information.

An in depth description of the OpenIG features can be found in the documentation.

OpenIG Slides and video

Introduction to OpenIG

OpenIG in The Big Picture

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