An ICF Connector allows provisioning software such as OpenIDM to manage identities maintained by a specific identity provider. ICF connectors provide a consistent layer between target resources and applications and expose a set of programming functions for the full lifecycle of an identity.

OpenICF connectors are by design compatible with OpenIDM, Sun Identity Manager and Oracle Waveset as well as Brinqa GRC Platform.

Practical bits


Trial Edition (as part of OpenIDM)
All versions

Source code

OpenICF is open source. You can check out the source code here.

The code is licensed under CDDL.

Official project repository

Get involved!

– Join the OpenICF mailing list to ask questions, make suggestions, and tell us what you think of OpenICF.

Contribute to the development of OpenICF by checking out the source code, add to our issue/bug tracker and hack away on

Connector Versioning

Connector versions are made out of of 4 digits.

– The first 2 digits are the connector framework version.
– The last 2 digits are the connector version number.

Example: LDAP connector release:

Framework version: 1.4
– Connector version: 1.0
– Maintenance branch: 1.4.1.X
– Next maintenance/support version (tag):
– Trunk version:

Available Connectors

Bundled with OpenIDM

File based:

  • XML
  • CSV


  • Groovy (including ScriptedSQL, ScriptedREST and ScriptedCREST)
  • PowerShell for .Net (separate download)


  • Active Directory for .Net (separate download – need remote connector server)


  • Databasetable
  • Scripted SQL


  • Salesforce
  • Google

Not Bundled with OpenIDM

  • SAP
  • RACF (using LDAP Gateway)
  • TAM (Tivoli Access Manager)

In progress

  • Box
  • Workday
  • Azure AD (AD Graph API) with ScriptedREST connector
  • Azure AD (MSOL cmdlets) with PowerShell connector

Connector Roadmap

  • Docusign
  • LDAP (with OpenDJ SDK)
OpenICF blog posts

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