A ForgeRock IoT Device

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    Profile photo of David G. Simmons David G. Simmons 

    So I got myself an Intel® Edison board last week, and I’m pretty impressed.


    It runs a linux variant, and I think (think) it might actually be capable of running as a ForgeRock identity server. I installed Apache on it already. I’m about to install Java on it, and after that, I might be motivated to try getting some portion of the ForgeRock stack up and running.

    Profile photo of Aron Kozak Aron Kozak 

    Looks like fun David! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Something awesome no doubt :)

    Profile photo of David G. Simmons David G. Simmons 

    It’s a very capable device, and I’ve gotten java installed and working. I’m pretty sure that writing applications that use the ForgeRock stack for authentication, etc. would be dead simple. I’m also pretty sure I could get at least some of the ForgeRock stack running on the device itself.

    Not entirely sure I still have the motivation for the ForgeRock integration, but we’ll see what happens.

    Profile photo of BharathV BharathV 

    Is it possible to have a Rasp PI as IoT device and connect with ForgeRoc – just for a PoC?

    Profile photo of David G. Simmons David G. Simmons 

    The Raspberry Pi is basically a Linux box in a small form factor so, depending on the size of the SD memory card you put on it, this should be a very straightforward thing to do.

    Profile photo of cse154196 cse154196 

    how can I install an openAM web agent on Raspberry Pi ?

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