OpenAM Download Archive

OpenAM Download Archive

Release Built from Notes Build Date

OpenAM 10.0.0 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] [SRC] tags/10.0.0/ Release Notes 20120413
OpenAM 9.5.5 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.5/ Release Notes 20121123
OpenAM 9.5.4 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.4_RTM/ Release Notes 20111207
OpenAM 9.5.4 RC1 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.4_RC1/ Release Notes 20111124
OpenAM 9.5.3 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.3_RTM/ Release Notes 20110801
OpenAM 9.5.3 RC1 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.3_RC1/ Release Notes 20110506
OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.2 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.2_RTM/ Release Notes 20110303
OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.2 RC1 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.2_RC1/ Release Notes 20110206
OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.1_RTM/ Release Notes 20101105
OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1 RC2 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.1_RC2/ Release Notes 20100916
OpenAM Snapshot 9.5.1 RC1 [SHA] [WAR] [TOOLS] tags/9.5.1_RC1/ Release Notes 20100628

Download Stable Web Policy Agents 3.0.4

Release Notes
Agent Type Operating System Type 32/64 bits Build Date

J2EE Policy Agents

Container Version Policy Agent version Build Date

Glassfish [SHA] v2 & v3 3.0.3 20110303
Web Logic [SHA] v10 & v11 3.0.3 20110303
JBoss [SHA] v 4.2 & v 5.x 3.0.3 20110303
Tomcat [SHA] v 6.0 3.0.3 20110303
Websphere [SHA] v 6.1 3.0.3 20110303

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